Breeder Auger Feeding Line

Breeder Auger Feeding Line

Goldenest Machinery is a company which engaged in the design, research and manufacture husbandry equipments of poultry and livestock in China. Our main products include: pan feeders (feeding pan), pan feeding systems for poultry, feeding system for pigs, galvanized feed silos, plastic slats floor, pig trough, ventilation systems, cooling pads etc.
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Product Details

GOLDENEST Breeder auger feeding line

Product Description:

Breeder auger feeding line has features as below:

1. First adopting metering cylinder in China to acheive limiting-feedstuff instead of human labor. Patent No.:ZL200420051815.4

& ZL200430046925.7 .          

2. Easy-to-read settings on cylinder make horinzontal ajustment precise.Also there’s movable circle, you can ajust feeding level easily as the birds grower.

3. No birds can eat before all birds can eat. In this case, all birds can be feeded synchronously.

4. different pans for hens and roosters. Narrow girds for hens with

Dia 400mm,18pcs grids, higher pans for roosters. Eliminating competition,stress and picking over feed.


It is the best of feed delivery when minimum feed is 

required,easily achieved accurate and uniformity !!!

Breeder auger feeding line in poultry house:


Other details of the breeder auger feeding line:



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Package of breeder auger feeding pan:


Our factory:


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