Female Breeder Chain-plate Open Through Feeding Line

Female Breeder Chain-plate Open Through Feeding Line

overall hot dip galvanized,anti-corrosion,antioxidant.

Product Details


 Breeder chain-plate open trough feeding system




The plastic chain-plate open trough is our patent design and technology.

1.overall hot dip galvanized,anti-corrrosion,antioxidant.

2.Feed transport speed 0.75-1.5kg/meter chain-plate speed 36meter/min,insure feed uniformly and synchronous for all birds.     


3.Motor design automatic failure alarm and shut down, avoid parts damaged.

4.Corner design maintenance-free bearing, insuresecure in operation.       

5.Feed bin design high-efficiency feed drop unit,the size could custom-made






6.Made by PP(engineering plastics)no damage the through,less noise,long using life.


Two options:


Metal chain-plate(South Africa import)                plastic chain-plate(patent technology)










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