Female Breeder Chain-disc Pan Feeding Line

Female Breeder Chain-disc Pan Feeding Line

female breeder chain-disc pan feeding line

Product Details

Factory supplier best desugn poultry breeder chain-disc circle pan feeding line from Goldenest




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Breeder feeding line  description:

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1. The corner adopts high-intensity industrial plastic material which is advantageous in the property of high-stringency, no-noise,anti-corrosion and wearing-resistant especially in the harsh environment.

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2. The motor drive apply for the mould forming with 304 stainless steel.Also it transmits in the vertical direction and a gear reducer kicks in while slows down.


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3. The installation case of poultry house with chain-disc pan feeding system.

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4. The picture shows the electirc lift drive motor which is in charge of hoisting or descending all the pan feeders and other          parts in the chain-disc pan feeding system.

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5. There is a need to put a main feed hopper in the feeding room which shall accommodate all the weighting feed,and then all the feed will be distributed to feed bin.

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 Breeder chain-disc feeder pan

Technical Date:

1.The diameter of the feeder pan is 360mm

2. With 16 spokes, 16 levels of feed adjust switch

3. Design 3 levels of drop-point switch insert to feed according to different day old .

4. The height of feed adjustable grill opening :50mm , 60mm , 72mm ,  the width have 6 levels from 40mm to 50mm , suit for different day old

     The flexible snap joint is our company patent design,it's easy to adjust feed grill opening's size, high efficiency , could save labor largely.


Customer case:





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